COVID-19 Update: In-Person Congress Cancelled–More Information on CACLALS Conference Coming Soon

Dear CACLALS Members,

The Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences has announced that the in-person Congress at the University of Western Ontario has been cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. You can find their official statement at this link. CACLALS is currently exploring options with the Federation on the feasibility of an e-conference and we will announce our intentions for this year’s event in the coming days via the CACLALS website (, our Twitter page (, and an email to our members and presenters.

Many of you will understandably have questions about refunds for conference and membership fees, and we are committed to responding to your queries. Since conference fees are processed through the Congress membership system, however, we ask that you wait until we receive information from the Federation on how refunds will be processed before seeking them from us. We aim to have more information for you within the next week, at which time we will promptly update our members through the above channels.


The CACLALS Executive