CACLALS on Twitter (Congress 2018)

As we are gearing up for Congress 2018, we wanted to make sure that you have all the key hashtags for your Twitter needs. We’ve recently set up a Twitter page (@caclals_ca), so please do follow us and spread the word. Each year we will have a distinctive CACLALS hashtag to track related events and to ensure that we stay connected throughout the conference. For this year’s Congress, please feel free to use our hashtag #caclals18 for related posts and affiliated events. Below is a list of Twitter hashtags that may be of use as you network and tweet through Congress/CACLALS 2018:

#caclals18 (see above for description)
#congressh (note from Congress: “The Federation has created a unique Twitter hashtag specific to the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences — one that does not change from year to year, is bilingual and has now been in use for five years. In English, the SSH at the end of the hashtag represents the acronym for ‘social sciences and humanities’, and in French, the SH stands for ‘sciences humaines’. Last year at Congress 2017, we tracked over 13,095 tweets using the #congressh hashtag. Use the #congressh hashtag across all platforms.”)
#SeeYouInRegina (note from Congress: “In preparation for Congress 2018 we encourage you to also use the hashtag #SeeYouInRegina in relevant tweets to help generate excitement and conversation around Congress at the University of Regina.”)