CACLALS 2018: Conversation and Reading with Rita Bouvier

We are delighted to announce that Rita Bouvier will be reading from her work at this year’s CACLALS! Rita is the author of three collections of poetry. nakomowin’sa for the seasons (Thistledown Press, 2015) was the 2016 Sask Book Awards winner of the Rasmussen, Rasmussen & Charowsky Aboriginal Peoples’ Writing Award. In 2005, Gabriel Dumont Institute Publishing transformed the title poem “papîyâhtak”, of her 2004 publication, into a children’s picture book—Better That Way. Her poetry has appeared in literary anthologies, musicals and television productions, and been translated into Spanish, German and Michif. The reading and luncheon (co-sponsored by Ariel), will take place on Monday May 28th, 12:00pm-1:30pm (location TBA).

“Like the seasons by which it is inspired, Rita Bouvier’s collection of poetry takes us on a cyclical journey, moving through landscapes of speech and silence. Language creates, but its force is intense: it loves, but it can wound most intimately. In this age of apology, where “sorry” is often inadequate, we are called to listen as the poet asks, ‘How do we hold silence / in lines of poetry?’ While silence bears the weight of history, it offers refuge as well: in nakomowin’sa for the seasons, Bouvier responds to the trauma of silencing with the healing whispers of generations and the gentle cacophony of the land.”

— Nancy Van Styvendale, Assistant Professor (English) at the University of Saskatchewan