Membership is open to any academic, professional, or interested person engaged in the research, teaching, or study of postcolonial literatures and global literatures and oratures. CACLALS meets annually at Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, hosted by different universities across Canada each year. Members become part of the most established research collective in Canada devoted to postcolonial studies, which provides a supportive and collaborative community of scholars, teachers, critics and creative practitioners.

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CACLALS is also closely associated with other literary associations in Canada, including ACCUTE, ACQL and ILSA, who regularly coordinate reading events, roundtables and other scholarly collaborations at Congress, and serve as cognate associations year-round.

Graduate student proposals for the annual conference are considered for the Graduate Student Conference Presentation Prize.

Members of CACLALS automatically acquire membership in ACLALS, the international Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (ACLALS), of which CACLALS is an affiliate. Members from ACLALS’ branches around the world convene in a triennial conference hosted by a Commonwealth country, bringing together one of the world’s largest bodies of scholars, teachers, artists and critics devoted to the study of postcolonial and global literatures.


Please note that when you renew or purchase your membership, you will find a “donations” option for the following:

General Donations:

The international ACLALS (Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies) holds triennial conferences. As part of a commitment to diversity and inclusivity, CACLALS raises funds to assist in travel grants for scholars in member associations and universities (for instance, in Africa, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific) that may be less well funded than CACLALS. Occasionally, ACLALS is also asked to assist journals that may require additional support. When considering a donation, please keep in mind the privileged conditions in Canadian universities and our commitment to the inclusion of scholars from all parts of the world in our debates and discussions.


 When registering for Congress, you will also find a donation option for: ‘Other’/Indigenous Language Revitalization Initiative (ILRI):

The Indigenous Language Revitalization Initiative began in 2013 at the University of Victoria. CACLALS strongly believes in supporting local communities and thus the fund was established as a way of actively advocating for the building of Indigenous language programs within the communities in which the annual CACLALS conference at Congress is held.