Executive Committee (2022-2024)


Jesse Arsenault
Associate Professor, Department of English
Concordia University

Research areas: African literature, animal studies, posthumanism, postcolonial studies, queer theory, and cultural studies

Vice President

Azza Harras
Assistant Professor, Department of English, Culture, and Communication
Royal Military Collage

Research areas: Cultural studies, postcolonialism, Middle Eastern studies, and World literature

Executive Officer

Coplen Rose
Assistant Professor, Department of English
Acadia University

Research areas: African drama and literature, geography and digital mapping, trauma studies, popular culture, and is currently working on a book chapter about postcolonial science fiction and South African drama


Prabhjot Parmar
Associate Professor, Department of English
University of the Fraser Valley – Abbotsford Campus

Research areas: Postcolonial literatures and theory, South Asian literature and cinema, migration and diaspora studies, multicultural Britain and Canada, women’s studies, memory and history, world war and colonial soldiers, and modern British fiction

Early Career Representative

Anindo Hazra
Sessional Faculty,
Department of English | Department of Humanities
York University

Research areas: India, South Asia, South Asian diaspora, queer literature, queer theory, postcolonial theory and literature, deconstruction, Human Rights and the Arts

Contract Academic RepresentativeImage preview

Jason Sandhar
Department of English and Writing Studies
University of Western Ontario

Research areas: Indian literature, postcolonial studies, postcolonial ecocriticism, critical animal studies

Chimo Editor

Stephanie Oliver
Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts and Humanities
University of Alberta – Augustana Campus

Research areas: Canadian literature and settler colonialism, diaspora and postcolonial studies, the senses, energy humanities, affect, and environment

Communications Officer

Arshad Said Khan
PhD Candidate and Assistant Lecturer, Department of English and Film Studies
University of Alberta

EDID Representative

Aruna Srivastava
Associate Professor, Department of English
University of Calgary

Research areas: Indigeneity, critical pedagogy, critical race theory, disability studies, Feminist theory, postcolonial and diasporic literature and theory, theories of subjectivity and identity, trauma, and animal studies

Graduate Student Representatives

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Alexander Sarra-Davis
PhD Candidate & Course Instructor, Department of EnglishUniversity of Toronto

Research areas: postcolonial theory, narratology, ethics of representation, Canadian literature, American literature, Australian literature, African literature, cultural studies, and poetry

Susan Rajendran
PhD Candidate, Department of Humanities
York University

Research areas: Sri-Lankan modernist literature, postcolonial writing, nationalism and identity, and Buddhist humanism